Hide & Go Chic nail polish review and swatch! ..And some other things!

Let me start off this post with saying that nothing has been going my way today. It’s frigid and windy here in Connecticut. It’s cold inside because it’s a drafty building and according to maintenance the heat cannot keep up with the wind.  Apparently the purge valve in our unit needs to be replaced as soon as possible or we will be dealing with one hell of a mess in the bedroom. I was advised about a half hour ago that the water was shut off due to a pipe burst of some sort in a different unit. I’m hoping by the end of this entry it will be turned back on. Argh! I feel like it’s been one thing after another. Anyway, first world problems, right? Onward and beyond! 

So, as I was waiting for the maintenance guy to call me I decided to settle down and do my nails. It can be a very stress relieving procedure so I thought that might help.

Essie - Hide & Go Chic

Essie – Hide & Go Chic

I love this color. It comes out wickedly blue in the photograph but it definitely has the smallest hint of gray in it. On my pinky finger I used luxeffects by Essie as well. The formula wasn’t the best I’ve seeen. It was a bit too.. liquidy, I guess you could say. Even after swirling my paint brush as I pulled it out there was still so much polish on it. I ended up getting a few small air pockets that form when too much polish is put down at one time. It’s okay. I’ll just have to be more careful next time. I do like it though. I think it could be paired well with a nice yellow in a similar tone as an accent nail. 

In other news my very first Ipsy bag has shipped and I am beyond thrilled. I nearly screamed out loud when I got the e-mail. I’m hoping I have it delivered tomorrow. I can’t wait to do my first ever unbagging post. Better yet, I can’t wait to actually use my products! Especially that Bare Minerals lipstick. 😉

I told my boyfriend last night to not let me buy anything else for a while. This was after I purchased a few items at Lane Bryant. They were having a one day 50% off site wide sale. How could I resist? I picked up a cute under garment number for our mini vacation and a nice casual top. My next trip to the mall I will probably buy a few things. We’ll see what happens. He actually said to me “Yeah, it’s getting a bit out of hand.. I wasn’t going to say anything..” So, after I receive my Lane Bryant, Target, NYX and Coastal Scents orders that’s it for a while. Boo.

That’s all from me today, kids. Have a splendid Thursday!


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