I’ve become just a tiny bit makeup obsessed.

Liquid gold.

Liquid gold.

Good morning, everyone! I trust you all slept will! I, myself, am still rubbing the sleep away while greedily slurping down my first cup o’ java. Okay, last sip of that cup was just had. On to cup number two! 

La, la, la. Look what I got in the mail yesterday!

Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette

Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette

Okay, so the first round of color application made me look like a first rate whore. Not second rate. Definitely first rate. I got so overwhelmed with colors. Did I want something bright and peachy, something nude and natural or something dark and sultry? So many options! The first round looked awful. I, of course, turned to blogs and tutorials on the different color combinations one can make. The possibilities are endless when you have a palette like this in your possession. A lot of beauty bloggers raved about the pigmentation in this product. It’s not bad at all. If I were to compare this to the free Almay shadows I recently got.. yeah, huge difference.

Around 7:30 pm Drew was playing Titanfall and I was messing around online. My birthday is coming up in 8 days and a lot of stores will give you coupons for free products. I have an account with Sephora, Ulta and Bare Minerals. At Ulta I’ll be getting a full size CK One mascara. The reviews on the product are not great but, hey, it’s free. At Sephora I’m getting deluxe size samples of MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Smoky Extravagant mascara and Rouge Artist Natural lipstick in N9. Free, free, free! Bare Minerals has not told me what free item I’ll be getting but I’m sure it’s going to be awesome. I was browsing their Marvelous Moxie glosses and I’d like every color, kthnx.

I started to mess around with the new Maybelline Stiletto liquid liner in Blackest Black. Here is what I came up with.

Maybelline Stiletto in Blackest Black liquid liner and Coastal Scents Shimmer Palette shades.

Maybelline Stiletto in Blackest Black liquid liner and Coastal Scents Shimmer Palette shades.

The coloring is so freaking off in this photo. It looked really, really pretty. The liner (on both eyes) was perfection. The shadows I used consisted of silver, gray and black colors. I’m going to start coming up with looks in the day time in an effort to take better photos. Trust me, the colors that come in this palette need to be seen. They’re just so pretty to be washed out like this. You get the gist with this photo. The other eye is not pictured as I tried a sort of, browny/bronze-ish application. That one didn’t come out very well.

Anyway, today I should have a few things coming to me. I have a few other Coastal Scents palettes (shadow and blush) and a Lane Bryant order. My NYX order seems to be stalled in California. If shipping takes this long every time than I’ll just purchase in store unless there’s a crazy good sale. My Ipsy bag has yet to leave New Jersey (or so the tracking says). I hope I get that damn bag soon. I’ve been holding out on trying out a gel manicure for the Roughles OPI polish.

Once I get my orders I’ll most likely throw up another review tonight with photos.

Have a cheery day, kids!



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