Makeup before and after.

I’ve been wanting to post a makeup before and after for a while now. I just tried on a plethora of new products so I figured this would be the best time to do it! 

The following photo is my completely nude face. I did use moisturizer and under eye cream at this point but that definitely doesn’t erase those wicked under eye circles and dark spots on my face. Yikes!

Well, hello under eye circles. How do you do?

Well, hello under eye circles. How do you do?

As you can see, my face is pretty discolored. I never realized it until I started playing in the makeup/beauty world. It’s uneven with a lot of shadows.

In this next photo I have completely done up my face. Here is the photo and then below is a list of products I used in the exact order.

I added a scarf and a gray top to the look! Much better!

I added a scarf and a gray top to the look! Much better!

Products used:

  1. Benefit facial moisturizer.
  2. Benefit under eye cream.
  3. Pixi face primer.
  4. IT Cosmetics CC Cream in light.
  5. IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Cream
  6. It Cosmetics Hello Light – Brightener
  7. Coastal Scents 88 Palette shadow (tan/beige, coral, shimmer brown, off white)
  8. Almay liner for hazels
  9. Dior waterproof mascara (soooo worth the money!)
  10. Coastal Scents blush

I think that was all the product that I had used. My brushes are from ELF and my eye lash curler was Sally Hansen. Overall, I am very pleased with Benefit and IT Cosmetics. My face does not feel like I’m even wearing makeup. This mascara is absolutely amazing. I know the $25 price tag is extremely scary but please, just do it. The other mascaras I have used feel extremely heavy. It gets globbed on my lashes and I usually fuck up and it ends it up all over the place. This mascara dried quickly so I didn’t have to worry about the little dots on my eye lids.

What do you guys think? Any suggestions? Help a sister out! I’m a newbie here! =)



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