Target clearance beauty haul!

Hey guys! So, I am super excited about my Target clearance haul today. Oh my gosh. Let’s start out with my review of Red Carpet Manicure gel polish. 

Red Carpet Manicure. I love it. I absolutely love it. It’s been on for 24 hours and I have no chips. No nicks. The shine is still going strong. It looks like I had it done at the salon.

128 Red Carpet Ready

128 Red Carpet Ready

After showering, eating, doing the dishes and rifling through clearance bins, my manicure is still flawless. In. Love!

My haul!

My haul!

I hope you guys can see what I got here. Let’s break it down!

Items pictured plus the original cost of the item. 

  1. 5 Red Carpet Gel Polishes $9.99
  2. 3 Purify (pre & post application cleanser) $3.99
  3. 2 Erase (gel nail polish remover) $3.99
  4. Must Haves Kit (Prep, Structure, Brilliance, Revitalize, Purify, Erase) $29.99
  5. 2 Loreal Paris Colour Riche leGloss $5.99
  6. 1 Neutrogena make-up remover pads (with bonus cloths) $6.99
  7. 1 Sonia Kashuk barely there loose powder in Naked #03 $9.99

Total before clearance = $128.85

Ready for my total after clearance?

Total after clearance = $33.39!!!!!!

WOOOOO!!! This haul was amazing. The polishes alone were a huge steal. I paid just $2.98 for each one. One of them happened to be down to $1.48. Too bad they all weren’t! That’s okay though. I’m not greedy. 😉

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed my haul. If I were you I’d run right out to your local Target and see what goodies they have! It seems every week they’ve been adding more and more items. Can’t wait to go back in a week and see what else they’ve marked down!

Nikki In Heaven signing out!


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