NYX Matte Lipstick, Macaron Lippies, liquid liner and not following the rules.

If you guys are on IG follow me @justnikki326. I’m always looking to follow new people who share similar interests and I’m forever posting makeup, beauty, book and fashion pictures. I’m not anywhere near a professional makeup artist or a fashionista. I do okay for myself. Just an every day woman who is just stepping out of her shell.

Good morning, friends! I hope you are all doing well. It’s a chilly and blustery day here in Connecticut. I’ve got my fuzzy new moccasins, fleece sweatshirt and plaid pajama bottoms on. My steaming mug of coffee is next to me. I’m so glad I bought all of those beautiful dresses to not wear this spring because it’s freaking frigid. Come on, weather! Do your thang! 

I don’t have a whole hell of a lot to discuss this morning. I do want to say that my eyeliner came out great last night!



Finally! I think this is the best work I’ve done on my liner. I feel so silly getting excited over something like liquid liner but for those of us just starting out, it’s a big freaking deal! I am no where near the beauty gurus on youtube but I think I do alright for myself. I was a little more bold with my line and I think it made a  huge difference. Also, please don’t mind the eye brows. I’m in the process of growing them out because I want to get them professionally done eventually. I think I need a reshaping of them. At this point in time I think liquid liner is much easier than pencil liner. I haven’t had a great pencil liner to work with though. The UD black velvet 24/7 liner was a huge let down. It tugs on my lids like crazy. I can get it to look decent but it’s far too much effort for a pencil liner.

I’m getting much better and color combinations with eye shadow. I never knew there was so much to wearing eye shadow. When I was younger I was a one shade girl. That just won’t do. There are so many things you can do to accentuate the color of one’s eyes. I’m not crazy about the shadow brushes I have so I may pick up a few at Target this weekend.

NYX just released their new line of Macaron Lippies. I’m not a professional makeup artist and I don’t intend to be. These are, to me, are aimed towards the artistic sides of makeup usage.

Macaron Lippies by NYX

Macaron Lippies by NYX

Now, although these are gorgeous colors, when in the hell would I use orange? Lime? Black? White? Even the purple is a bit out there for me. These are for those Instagram artists and youtubers that have been doing this a very long time. Cool? Sure. Practical? Not so much.

NYX Matte Lipsticks

NYX Matte Lipsticks

Now these I love. I really like Alabama, Bloody Mary, Perfect Red, Merlot and Plum Violet. I’ve placed myself on a sort of “no buy” right now. A friend of mine waited until NYX was having a sale. Maybe I’ll do the same and then I’ll purchase some of these beauties. Or maybe when I get my car back I’ll take a little trip to CVS. 😉

You know, the more research I do on this stuff the more I realize that you need to do what works for you. It’s really about experimentation and well… playtime! I’ve always been a follow the rule type of girl. There needs to be one correct way to wear something or one certain color to wear seasonally. It’s not true! People often say or write about how red lipstick is not suitable for summer. Why the hell not? That is your statement piece. It can be compared to wearing a statement necklace. If you choose to make your lips your statement piece then do it up. Hmm, I guess this thought process goes against my original review of the Macaron lippies. Okay, if you want to wear lime green or orange. Go for it!

Well, time to end this post. Gonna read my book, apply to a few jobs, watch Supernatural and then The Mets game at 1:10 pm. Woot. Pizza date at home tonight with my darling. Then watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets!

Keep it colorful, kids.


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  1. Cute liner! And loooove the lipsticks x

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