My new favorite thing: NYX Matte Lipstick

lipstickI have never been a lipstick wearer. I never thought I was woman enough or maybe even sexual enough to pull off a shocking red like the beauty above. I thought it looked odd on my face. I thought I looked stupid. I thought I was ugly and ugly girls shouldn’t pretend to be pretty. (Side note! If any of you are on IG follow me @justnikki326! I’m constantly posting photos of my makeup looks and outfits I throw together. Oh, and sunsets. I love sunsets. And beer. Onward to the post!) 

 I made a special trip to CVS yesterday for these babies. I was bummed to see that their selection was extremely limited but I did end up picking up Sweet Pink and Perfect Red. My goodness. These colors are stunning. I was unsure about the Sweet Pink but I figured, what the hell! If I don’t try them, how will I ever know? Let’s take a few chances. I’m tired of playing it safe with my style. Well, I wore both colors and I rocked the shit out of them.

2014-04-28 17.05.26 2014-04-29 13.24.11

The first photo featuring Sweet Pink was taken yesterday. I had worn my chevron dress with jean jacket over it. The look was gorgeous. This is going to be my go-to summer lipstick for certain. The texture was smooth and not chalky at all. There is a slight dryness but it’s really not that serious. Also, the staying power is AMAZING. I tried swatching these colors last night (not practical without natural light) and after my shower the pink was still noticeable. LOVE!

The second photo is Perfect Red. There’s really no other way to describe. It’s the perfect red! Again, the staying power is amazing. The pigmentation is beautiful. Honestly, though. I think I like this better than my $18.00 Viva Glam 1! I’m actually wearing this one right now. I put on one application at about 1 pm. It’s almost five hours later and it looks like I just touched it up. Amazing!

So, the other NYX Matte Lipsticks I want to purchase are Alabama, Indie Flick, Bloody Mary and Merlot. The girl who didn’t think she could wear lipstick and she’s purchasing all variations of red as she can get her hands on.

Scarf, cardigan, skinnies, flats. Does it get any better?

Scarf, cardigan, skinnies, flats. Does it get any better?

This was my outfit today. I had a few errands to run this afternoon and this was the perfect get up and go look. Comfortable, casual and stylish. In case you haven’t noticed I’ve been obsessed with flats and skinny jeans. I can’t describe it. It’s fabulous. Plus size women were always told to wear dark boot cut jeans. Um, fuck that, k? Just kidding. I do love dark boot cut jeans too.

Quick rant: I have $8.00 worth of points on to use up. I went to purchase said NYX lipsticks above that I had wanted and I continually got “We are experiencing difficulty processing your order. Please try again later or use another payment method.” This is the same message that a good friend of mine received a couple of weeks ago when placing an order. A quick google search will show you hundreds of people with the same issue. I won’t pretend to understand what it takes to run a company but, honestly. Fix your shit. I sent them a very straight forward e-mail advising them that I attempted the purchase five times using two different cards, on three different computers and I checked my billing, shipping and credit card information. The response I got back was to check my billing, shipping and credit card information. wat

So, if the issue can’t be fixed then I’ll purchase elsewhere. I’d rather spend more money to get reliable customer service than an automated response telling me to, basically, go fuck myself.

That’s my post for the day! It has taken me far too long to write as I’ve been distracted by the music thumping in my ears. My playlist for this post today was:

  • Neon Trees – Sleeping With A Friend
  • Fleetwood Mac – Seven Wonders
  • Blue Oyster Cult – Burnin’ For You
  • Pitbull – Echa Pa’lla
  • Daddy Yankee – Limbo

I think there were a few other songs. I can’t remember. Okay. Seriously. I’m done now.

Have a stylish and red-lip kind of day!


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