Memorial Day weekend, a new dress and patriotic nails!

For me, and my group of friends, this means the start of summer. It’s the beginning of the warmer weather, beach, pool, BBQ, picnics, etc.

Although, it’s a joyous time where millions of Americans are getting together to enjoy the weather, friends, family and food, it’s also a time to remember what this country stands for. Please take some time this weekend to remember the lives lost representing our country, the families of these fallen soldiers, and the young men and women still out there, enlisting and fighting.  ❤ Thank you for all you do. 

I hope you all have some fun festivities planned for the weekend! The weather here in CT is supposed to be pleasant. I’m hoping for clear blue skies and a warming sun!

I went to Target a few days ago and picked up a new dress. I know, I know! I just couldn’t help myself. It was one of two left, and the other one wasn’t in my size. I didn’t think I’d like it. Doesn’t look like something I’d ever wear. Well, I put it on and it’s amazing. its’ comfortable, a lovely pink and looks great sleeveless or with a cardigan. 2014-05-24 10.10.16

I love this! It’s so pretty and extremely flattering. I don’t know if I’m going to wear those wedges with this though. It’s the only pop of pink and since I’m a host of our party, I’ll be running around like crazy. Might just stick with my black Old Navy flip flops and call it a day! 2014-05-24 10.11.26

Cardigan! I love cardigans. My 3/4 sleeve cropped cardigan from Old Navy works great with this dress. I’m not sure what kind of accessories I’d like to wear with this dress. Perhaps my chunky gold necklace? I don’t know! 2014-05-24 09.55.26

I did my nails to show my patriotic side. I wish I had a white polish to include, but I don’t. Oh well. I used Red Carpet Ready and Perfect High Heels. If any of you are considering a gel manicure system, I’d strongly recommend this one. I’ve had no problems with it. The polish always looks sleek and shiny. Since I’m a host of this party we are having, I’ll be cooking, cleaning and doing a ton of dishes. I can guarantee that my nails won’t chip, at all!

Anyway, that’s all from me. Just wanted to throw up a post about the dress I got and my nails for this weekend. I’ll be throwing up another post soon. I just realized I haven’t reviewed my Ipsy bag from this month. Whoops! I’ll try and get that up on Monday for you guys.

In the mean time, and as always, I hope you are all having body positive weekends. Remember, no one has the right to judge you or spout negative remarks about your body. No one should be imparting their ideas about what your body should look like.

Have a beautiful, beautiful weekend everyone.

– Nikki Feeling Dressy


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