Red Carpet Manicure’s Sweet Indulgence collection and Revealed Palette 2 by Coastal Scents!

Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Palette.

Red Carpet Manicure – Sweet Indulgence collection.

Excuse me while I freak the fuck out and buy all of the things. 

Alright, well I didn’t buy all of the things, but I did just order the Revealed 2 Palette. Let’s show some pictures and discuss!

Coastal Scents - Revealed 2 Palette

Coastal Scents – Revealed 2 Palette

Firstly, I am a huge, huge fan of the first Revealed palette. I only started out using makeup about three months ago and this palette has been my savior. I didn’t want to drop $50 on a high end palette until I felt capable of handling such a precious item.

All of the colors swatch beautifully. They are nicely pigmented, versatile, and affordable. I didn’t know this at first, but they are almost exact dupes of UD’s Naked 1 & 2 palettes. How cool is that?

The most common complaint of these palettes are the lack of names. It doesn’t take much to just throw a name on them. Plus, it’s easier for us beginners to distinguish which colors the beauty gurus are using in their video tutorials.

Honestly? Not a deal breaker for me. As these palettes release, I will probably purchase all of them.

These colors are definitely more pink toned than the first Revealed palette. I’m assuming they are going for a Naked 3 dupe? I, unfortunately, do not own Naked 3, so I can’t get a proper comparison. A friend of mine, over at noshannonigans, has it. I may have to talk her into bringing it over so we can swatch play! That beautiful berry color, fourth from the right on the bottom is calling my name. That would look incredible with a gorgeous champagne color. Gah!

Oh, the best part? You can get it now at Coastal Scents website for only $9.95! That is half the price! It is only for 48 hours so, to you beginners out there, I strongly recommend this product!  Go, go, go! —-> Click!


Red Carpet Manicure - Sweet Indulgence

Red Carpet Manicure – Sweet Indulgence

Although these photos do not match up, you can figure out which ones belong to which.

These colors are so insanely pretty!

I am a huge fan of Red Carpet Manicure. I found their gel system on sale at Target for only $39.99. They had a bunch of their gel polishes on clearance for under $3 so, of course, I stocked the hell up. Well, I have since tried out all of the colors and am itching for some new pretties for my collection.

Starting from the bottle going L – R: Pineapple Premiere, Peach Chiffon, Wild Berry Diva, Ravishing Raspberry, Key Lime Affair, and Sorbet Soiree.

I like bright and bold colors, so I’m more apt to buy Ravishing Raspberry, Sorbet Soiree, and possibly Wild Berry Diva.

This is probably one of the smartest beauty purchases I have ever made. How often do you go to the nail salon, only to leave, do some laundry, wash a few dishes, and bam, you’ve already got chipping!? Me? Too many times than I can count! Gel manicures at the salon are great but can get far too expensive. With this system, you get long lasting, gorgeous nails without the cost. If you’ve been debating on the purchase, just do it. I promise, you will not be disappointed!

So! That’s all from me today! I just had to share with you my new purchase at Coastal Scents and the new collection at Red Carpet Manicure.

I hope you are all having amazingly fantastic days!

Stay positive, strong and beautiful friends.

Remember, smiles are free.

– Nikki Feeling Pretty



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5 responses to “Red Carpet Manicure’s Sweet Indulgence collection and Revealed Palette 2 by Coastal Scents!

  1. Sarah

    Woah, I’m loving all of those nail polish colors. Screams spring/summer.

    • They sure do! I’ve been craving a new RCM polish. Might pick one of these beauties up with my $8 worth of points at Ulta. 😀

      • Sarah

        Ooh, you reminded me I have a ton of points at Ulta. It might be worth it! They have that 20% off coupon too.

        I’m also loving OPI’s summer collection too…all of the nail polish!

      • I had no idea there was a 20% out there. Yay! Just printed it!

        I really loved their Brazil collection and the neon collection is pretty gorgeous too. The I Just Can’t Cope-Acabana has been in my Amazon cart for weeks now lol

      • Sarah

        No problem! And there’s always the $3.50 off coupon, lol.

        Get out. It’s been in mine too. I’m trying not to order more though….I have too much stuff accumulating, and a bunch of beauty boxes I ordered awhile ago are coming in now. 😡

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