Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Palette! Dupe for Urban Decay Naked 3? I think so!

I have an incredibly exciting post for you guys. Well, you might not be excited, but I am. This is the first time I’m doing a dupe post! Yay!

Let’s just get right to it, shall we? 🙂

Urban Decay 3 Vs. Revealed 2 Palette

Urban Decay 3 Vs. Revealed 2 Palette

This isn’t the best of photos, but the comparison is pretty spot on.

Coastal Scents offers incredible quality for their price. For 48 hours only, they were offering this new Revealed 2 Palette for just $9.95.

Let’s get a look at the swatches on Revealed 2!

2014-06-06 11.54.04 2014-06-06 11.55.12 2014-06-06 11.55.18

The top three photos are all from the top row. The pigmentation, especially the shimmer shadows, are superb. The matte shades took a little work to make an impression, but still pretty decent. 2014-06-06 12.04.30 2014-06-06 12.04.39 2014-06-06 12.04.34

And this is the bottom row. I flipping love these colors! They are so insanely pigmented and beautiful. It’s like putting silk on your eyes. Honestly, though. Silk! The fourth to the last on this row is this gorgeous berry color. It is going to be amazing to transition into fall looks. Not like I’m looking forward to fall right now. We haven’t even hit the official start of summer yet!

NOW! To compare! 2014-06-06 12.00.46

The top row here is Urban Decay, and the bottom is Coastal Scents Revealed 2. My Coastal Scents swatches look a little washed out because of the lighting. Trust me when I say, they are a lot more vibrant than this picture indicates.

Dupes from to left to right. Urban Decay on top. Coastal Scents on bottom. I’m using a number system to distinguish the shadows in Coastal Scents. In the palette there are ten shadows up top and ten on bottom. The top ten will be labeled: 1 – 10. And the bottom 11 – 20. On to the dupes!

  • Blackheart – 19
  • Darkside – 16
  • Mugshot – 15
  • Factory – 14
  • Liar – 12
  • Nooner – 11
  • Trick – 10
  • Buzz – 8
  • Limit – 6
  • Burnout – 5
  • Dust – 4
  • Strange – 2

There you have it. Revealed 2 palette by Coastal Scents can definitely be called a dupe for Naked 3. If you are tight on money or just starting out, I highly recommend these products. The color payoff is just as good as those high end products. I will still, eventually, pick up a Naked 3 Palette. And Lorac Pro. And Too Faced Chocolate Bar. But, these work great for me, for now.

I hope you enjoyed the swatches. I had a blast taking them with a friend of mine!

Lots of love, beauties!

– Nikki






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3 responses to “Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Palette! Dupe for Urban Decay Naked 3? I think so!

  1. I really want that coastal scents palette but, I am worried about the quality. I own one of those large 88 palettes which unfortunately did not work for me…

    • Hey! Thanks for commenting! I actually have a few of those 88 palettes and I have to agree with you. I wasn’t a huge fan. I strongly recommend both Revealed palettes. The quality is much better than those 88 palettes that I rarely reach for. The color quality is outstanding. Pigmentation is better than some high end palettes I’ve come across, too. You will not be disappointed!

      • You’re welcome! Okay, that’s good to know! That large palette left a bad taste in my mouth for coastal scents, but it’s good to hear that these revealed palettes are much better! I love the colors in the Naked 3 but that price tag! I will definitely have to pick this up! Thanks!

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