Do you enjoy the rancid smell of burning plastic and chemicals? Buy Be a Bombshell cosmetics! Ipsy subscribers are in an uproar over rancid smelling mascara.

Burning plastic.. or rubber.. chemicals galore!

Burning plastic.. or rubber.. chemicals galore!


Be a Bombshell cosmetics.

What just happened here?

Are you one of the lucky owners of batch #0310? If you are, then you get the opportunity to smell (and use) the worst smelling cosmetic product I, personally, have ever sniffed. 

To put it blatantly, Be a Bomshell cosmetics fucked up and the response to their fuck up adds to it.

This is what Be a Bombshell cosmetics posted on their Facebook page. Let’s read. Shall we!?

“We understand that several IPSY customers have received our Lash Out Mascara with a strong smell. We would like to assure you that all of our ingredients are 100% safe.

Three of the ingredients included in our Lash Out mascara are included in the FDA’s list of Generally Recognized As Safe ingredients list. Those ingredients are Cera Alba (Bees Wax), Propylene Glycol, and Stearic Acid. All other ingredients are ingredients that are commonly used in other cosmetic products.

Although the mascara has a strong smell, we as a company chose to not cover the smell with a fragrance in the formulation. Fragrance is often an irritant to sensitive consumers.

We value our customers and all Ipsters. We take all complaints seriously and take them into consideration. Please e-mail Be A Bombshell cosmetics at with any questions or concerns.”

You were aware that the product has a strong smell. How could you not realize, that customers and Ipsy subscribers, were going to freak out when they received this?

This message is, quite frankly, bullshit. You’re telling us, “Hey, it’s a completely safe product. Deal with the smell and just use it!”

Here is how I see it. As a beauty blogger and cosmetic user, I am always on the prowl for a new and remarkable product. Three out of five senses are used during this process. Touch, sight and yes, smell. If any of these senses send trigger warnings to our brains, we probably won’t be purchasing the product.

Let’s be honest here. Beauty product consumers are so particular with their products, that most of the time, simple packaging is a huge turn on or turn off. Smell? Definitely!

Here is the follow up Facebook message.

“Dear Ipsters and Bombshells,

We would like to address the continuing concern over our Lash Out mascara included in many of Ipsy’s June bags. Batch 0310 was produced in April of 2014 specifically for the Ipsy June bag. At the time of production this batch underwent our standard testing and all tests came back normal. 

We recognize the continued concern over the safety of this product. We urge anyone who experiences any irritation or other reaction to discontinue use of this product. In light of the continuing concern over our Lash Out mascara batch 0310 we will be engaging a new independent laboratory to conduct additional safety testing on this batch of mascara.

The safety of our customers is of paramount importance to us. We take all complaints seriously and are investigating these concerns. If anyone has any additional concerns, please continue to reach out to us at We will reply to each email as soon as possible.” 

Okay, so testing came back normal during batch creation. What happens if the product is deemed completely safe and usable? Are we to put rancid smelling product on our eyelashes? I don’t think so.

I sent Be a Bombshell an e-mail. Here is what I wrote.

Good morning! 
My name is Nicole and I’m sure you’ve already received dozens of e-mails regarding this product. At least, those of us that subscribe to Ipsy. 
I’m sorry to jump on that bandwagon, but I am extremely disappointed in this product. It is the worst smelling cosmetic I have ever been sent or bought. 
As a customer of both Ipsy, and Be a Bombshell cosmetic, I need to know that something will be done to make up for this loss. 
I understand we only pay $10 per month, but this is unacceptable. If I knew I’d receive such a foul product every month, I would never subscribe and I’d certainly never purchase from Be a Bombshell cosmetics. 
I won’t pretend to know what it takes to run a company like Be a Bombshell cosmetics. I will say that the Facebook message, advising us that it’s a safe product is, for lack of a better term, bullshit. 
That tells me, as your customer, “It’s safe, so just deal with the smell.” 
That’s not how it works. A right minded woman, who is a faithful user of her cosmetics, would never deal with an unpleasant smell. 
The beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar business. There is always another company to go to. 
I am hoping that Be a Bombshell cosmetics will recognize their error, and make it up to their customers. If not, I’m sorry to say I cannot trust this company for future purchases. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this complaint, 


I strongly urge all Ipsy subscribers, who received this product, to send them some type of message. As consumers, we need to speak up. Yes, we only spend $10 per month. This product is worth $15 dollars. If the problem is not reconciled, I will not be purchasing another product from Be a Bombshell cosmetics again.




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4 responses to “Do you enjoy the rancid smell of burning plastic and chemicals? Buy Be a Bombshell cosmetics! Ipsy subscribers are in an uproar over rancid smelling mascara.

  1. Oooh, this is a juicy post! Thanks for filling me in. I received a Lash Out from batch 0310, and yes, it smells to high hell. I wouldn’t have known the drama if it weren’t for your post!

    • Hey! Thanks for following my blog. I followed ya right back! It’s seriously ridiculous, though! To some people, $10 isn’t a lot of money (it certainly isn’t to a multi-billion dollar industry), but to us little folk, it is! I can’t spend $10 and receive products like this. Michelle Phan certainly wouldn’t put this product on her eyelashes, why should we?

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