November 2014 Ipsy Bag: Girl Meets Glitter

November 2014 Ipsy Bag: Girl Meets Glitter

November 2014 Ipsy Bag: Girl Meets Glitter

Good afternoon, friends!

It’s been a solid five months since I’ve been subscribed to Ipsy and I am so excited to be back with them! Let’s skip the niceties and get right to the good stuff. Shall we?

Life is short. Wear Glitter”

“The Secret to making the ordinary extraordingary? Add some glitter and shimmer and shine to your everyday look.”

2014-11-15 11.19.32

2014-11-15 11.19.50

The bag is pretty cute. It’s certainly not practical for everyday use (as is with glitter makeup) but I do enjoy the look of it. The inside is just black and the inside tag reads “Forever 21 Cosmetics for Ipsy”. Well, Forever 21. Now we know where the glitter theme came from.

2014-11-15 11.17.37

2014-11-15 11.17.59

The first item I chose to open was the Eye Base by Be A Bombshell Cosmetics in Submissive. The packaging is a pretty normal sized pot with a decent amount of the product. The product feels nice and creamy to the touch. I think this will be great for fall looks. I haven’t actually used it so we’ll see if it creases. This might actually work as a stand alone product. If not, I’ll throw in a darker shade for the crease and be good to go! This item retails for $14.00 on their website. ***Update*** Okay, I just started getting ready for date day with my boyfriend and I love this eye base so far. The color is gorgeous. I did end up using a crease shade but, honestly, I think it would be fine without a crease shade too. Just lovely!

2014-11-15 11.17.22

2014-11-15 11.16.59

Next product up is Forever 21’s own brand, Love & Beauty. I got this lipstick in the shade Berry. It is extremely moisturizing! I think this would be an amazing color for a holiday party. The only thing I dislike is the taste of this. No, I don’t go around eating my lipsticks but honestly, you put a lipstick on and you can’t help but taste it. Here’s a fun fact, 70 – 75% of your “taste” is actually coming from smell. So, there’s my defense. In all seriousness, this seems like a great product so far. It retails between $3.80 and $4.00. You just can’t beat that price point. If I was in Forever 21, and I know they keep these near the registers, I might pick up a few on my way out.

2014-11-15 11.16.36

Next up is Starlooks Gem Pencil in Ultra Orchid. The color is gorgeous. There’s no doubt about that. Purple looks beautiful with my hazel eyes, quite honestly. I am really unsure on the staying power of this product. I swatched it, the pigmentation is great and the texture is creamy, but after about five minutes it was completely wiped away with a dry tissue. I thought maybe it could be used for a girls night out, but I don’t know if it would even survive that. These retail for $16.00. Push comes to shove, I might use this as an eye base. We’ll see.

2014-11-15 11.08.21

Here are the swatches for all three above products. As you can see, the pigmentation on the gem pencil is pretty great, the shadow base is a beautiful bronze color and the lipstick is nice but subtle.

2014-11-15 11.22.41-1

2014-11-15 11.22.47

This product is my Marc Anthony. It’s Oil of Morocco Argan Oil for Volume and Shine. It’s hairspray. I don’t really use hairspray. I do when my hair is short but at this moment in time it’s long and dull. I don’t fancy up my hair when it looks like this. I will say that it smells great. I just sprayed a bit and sniffed the air. My boyfriend looked at me like I was nuts. I’ll try out this product when and if I decide to fancy up my hair a bit! The full size of this retails for $8.99 on Ulta.

2014-11-15 11.23.04

2014-11-15 11.23.09

I ended up using this product today for my date day look. This is the Temptu S/B Highlighter in Pink Pearl. Meh. I used it for my brow bone and my cupids bow. I don’t like the pinkish tone to it. I’ll have to find some other uses for this. Not sure what, but I’ll find it!  I had trouble finding a retail price for this product.

Well, there you have it. Novembers Ipsy bag is complete and I’ve already had the pleasure of trying out a couple of the products. So far, so good.

Now, I bid you farewell. Today is date day! The boyfriend and I are seeing Interstellar (his pick) and then having dinner at On The Border. We don’t go out nearly as much as we’d like to. Tonight will consist of wine and board games. It’s going to be a great day!

Later, kids. Hope you enjoyed my review!

– Nikki


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