LORAC Skinny Palette in Nude (Swatches, link to buy and my personal review!)

I’m cranky.

I’m cold and cranky.

I’m cold, cranky and tired.

BUT! I’ve gotten something pretty in the mail and I just couldn’t wait to take pictures and show you guys.

2014-12-16 14.42.40


Read on for swatches, the link to purchase and my personal review! 

Quick back story: I was purchasing gifts on Amazon when I stumbled upon the LORAC Skinny palettes. I’ve never even heard of them but being $15 a pop, I was like… why the hell not!

2014-12-16 14.43.22

2014-12-16 14.43.35

The shadows are packaged in this really slim and sleek palette. It’s a textured case with a leather feel to it. It is a VERY practical sized palette. You can slip this right in your pocketbook, makeup bag, or travel bag. I’d say it’s a bit taller than an iPhone, but the same width of one when you hold it vertically.

2014-12-16 14.44.08

You open it up and there is a pretty decent sized mirror. This is a treat for me. I’ve never owned a palette with a mirror included, so it was like Christmas. Wait, it is Christmas. Fa-la-la-la-la.

2014-12-16 14.44.17

Ermagerd. Err Sherrderr! These colors are really very pretty and great for fall. This palette includes four shimmer shades and three very practical matte shades. You’ve got your highlighter all the way on the left and the third shadow in is a great transitional shade. The shimmer shades are actually very pretty. I created an eye look this morning using the second one in on the left and it was subtle and very pretty. I used the fourth matte shade in to deepen my crease after applying the shimmery shade and it came out beautiful. I suck at taking photographs, so you don’t get one. Sorry, kids!

2014-12-16 14.44.31

2014-12-16 14.44.25

Just a close up of the shadows.

2014-12-16 14.46.49

2014-12-16 14.46.25

Swatchy, swatchy! I felt the pigmentation in these shadows were overall, nice. The matte shades definitely required a bit more umph. I swiped my fingers through twice on those and they still left a little bit to be desired. However, the shimmer shades swatched beautiful. Very pigmented. The fifth shade in is just a little bit scary. I might use it as a pop of color in the center of my lid. I don’t think I’d use it as the base for an eye look.

I really do enjoy this palette and I can see myself using it often.

This palette is one of three:


You’ve got your nude, navy and plum palettes.

You can purchase these on Amazon —–> Here! — Unfortunately, it looks like the Nude palette is sold out until December 23rd, but you can purchase the Navy right now. I cannot find the plum palette for the life of me, which sucks because that would have been my next purchase. If any of you find it, link it in the comments below!

Overall, based on my inexperience in high end palettes, I’d give this a 6/10. When I swatch a color I expect to SWATCH it. You know what I’m saying?

Have any of you picked these up? What do you think about them?

As a side note, the boyfriend was up at 5 AM the other morning to get ready for work and he ordered my Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar by Too Faced for my Christmas gift! I am beyond excited and I cannot wait to smell, swatch, lick.. wait, scratch that last one 😉 I have heard A LOT of mixed reviews on that palette. The pigmentation seems to be the biggest worry of them all. I’m going to wait and see for myself. If the palette really doesn’t deliver what I expect it to, then I’ll head to Sephora and return it for the original (which I’ve wanted since March of this year.)

I think it’s important to not get swept up in the hype of things. I also think it’s important to try and stay away from the naysayers. As much as I’d love to read a ton of reviews and watch YouTube videos, I keeping my nosy little mind from the makeup review interwebs. What I’m looking for in a palette, might not be exactly what another person is looking for. Right? Right!

Alright, kids. This was a bit longer than anticipated. Guess I’m just feeling chatty tonight. Have a lovely evening all!

– Nikki



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