Nude Dude Volume 2 by the Balm swatches and review!

coaster-I-hate-to-waste-sick-daysHappy Monday, guys!

So, my boyfriend and I came down with some stomach issues and the last 19 hours haven’t been the most pleasant.

I called out of work, he came home early from work and I’ve eaten toast and dry cereal so far today.

It just hasn’t been a good start to the week.

I need to get my game face on because my plan is to get to the office nice and early tomorrow to catch up on whatever it is that I’ve missed from today.

Never fear, I have a new-to-me product to review. I think this palette came out sometime 2014. Thanks to the great Amazon sale that you can read about here, I was able to score the Nude Dude Volume 2 by the Balm! Click that fancy little “more” button and keep reading for some swatches and a quick review. Thanks, guys! 



2016-03-07 11.57.34

I have to be honest here. I haven’t actually put any of these shadows on my lids just yet. I opened the package, took some photos and promptly put it back in it’s sleeve it came in. My review is only going off of the swatches that I’ve taken and the mere look of the shadows.

When I opened the palette I didn’t have.. that moment. I’m sure you makeup/beauty collectors know what moment I’m talking about. You get a brand new palette, you open it up and just the look of the shadows can take your breath away. I think the last few times I’ve gotten that feeling is when I got my Tartelette In Bloom palette and Morphe 36P palette. This palette didn’t wow me in that way. Let’s get to the swatches.

2016-03-07 12.02.22

Left to Right: Fearless, Flawless, Firm, Flirty, Friendly, Fierce

2016-03-07 12.03.45

Left to Right: Fabulous, Faithful, Fit, Feisty, Funny, Fine

There are definitely a few packaging pros to this palette right off the bat. The mirror in this palette is awesome. It takes up a nice portion of the top. I could totally see myself doing my whole face and using just this mirror. The magnetic closure is always a plus. The Balm naturally has the cutest packaging I’ve ever seen. It’s playful and still classy as hell. The names of the shadows are pretty damn adorable. I could do without Fit, Firm, and Fine because of the whole body positive part of my life, but still. Cute nonetheless.

The shades in this palette are definitely your go-to nude-like shades for everyday use. Fearless, Flawless, and Feisty are a few of my favorites for daytime wear. Throw in Friendly in your outer V and you’ve got a daytime to nighttime look. It’s refreshing not to have a stark black. There are many that would disagree with me, and that’s fine, but I haven’t been collecting that long and I’ve got enough black for the rest of my life. Fierce is the closest that you’re going to get a black. It’s more of a deep dark forest-green in my opinion.

The shadows feel buttery and smooth, but they looked powdery to me. I got a decent amount of product on my finger by circling the shadow a few times. The transfer to my arm to create a swatch was a bit more difficult. I had to run over the swatch a few times to get the desired color depth so you can really see the shade. Again, I haven’t used these on my lids yet, so I don’t know how they will perform with shadow pick up and transfer when using a brush.

So far, I think I’m going to enjoy this palette. I’m looking forward to creating some wearable spring-time looks to share with you guys.

I hope you enjoyed this review. I’m looking forward to updating it once I get my hands dirty!

Hope you all had a great Monday back at work. I’m looking forward to feeling better the rest of the week!





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5 responses to “Nude Dude Volume 2 by the Balm swatches and review!

  1. Aww, hope you feel better soon!!💙💜X
    Kristy X

  2. libbylovesxo

    Get well soon! Being poorly sucks.
    Have you tried the Nude Tude palette?! I picked it up the other day!

    Libby xoxo

  3. libbylovesxo

    Get better soon! Being poorly sucks:(
    Have you tried the Nude Tude palette?! I picked that up the other day, I love The Balm!

    Libby xoxo

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