My Nighttime Skin-Care Routine!

Picture this – I’m 2 1/2 beers in, I have gray sweats on, and a bowl of macaroni cheese is sitting to my right. I’m just the person you want to be getting any beauty advice from, right? Even if you don’t, just soothe my ego and stay a while. Grab a drink, hang out, and lets talk about skincare routines! 

Okay, so my skin is coming off of a solid month and a half or so of breaking out. It’s my fault really. I know what the cause is.

You know all of those beauty boxes that are relentless with the sample sized facial cleansers, masks, moisturizers, toners etc..? I’m a sucker for them and (until this past month) I was subscribed to a few of them. They’re cheap, they give you a chance to try new products and it really was a nice surprise when I’d get home from a long day at work. The sparkle wore off mighty quick when I  looked at my makeup drawer and had a solid 25+ products I’d probably never use. I decided to try and make my way through those products.

Bad. Idea.

My skin broke out in a way that I haven’t had it break out since I was a teenager. It wasn’t a normal breakout. It was a lot of texture and small bumps, especially around my chin.

So, in this last week I decided to get back to my roots and start using the products that I know work well for me. They keep my skin smooth, hydrated and they prevent breakouts.

FYI – I’m 31. When the fuck do breakouts end!?

Anyway, I wanted to write up a post on what has worked for me and what is still working for me. It might help one of you with your skincare!


First up is LouAna Coconut Oil. So, this was actually supposed to be for cooking with, but we prefer the coconut oil that actually smells like coconut oil. This doesn’t have a great smell so for the time being, this is being used to remove makeup. It works fantastically and once this up I’ll probably purchase another container of it.


This. This stuff right here. Purity is a one-step facial cleanser by Philosophy and it has been my ride or die since 2014.

It’s claims:

  • deep cleans pores and eliminates makeup build-up
  • hydrates as it melts away makeup
  • contains deep cleansing agents
  • natural oil extracts help condition skin
  • contains a proprietary blend of extracts for a unique, fresh scent

I agree with each and every claim in this stuff. I mean.. look at my fucking face in this photo. I’m pretty sure I’ve never even looked at my boyfriend in this way (sorry, babe!)


My final step is to use this CVS brand (comparable to CeraVe) moisturizing facial lotion for night time. I truly do love this stuff. I’m not sure how the actual brand name compares to this, but this has been great. It has ceramides, niacinamide & hyaluronic acid… I always think it’s funny when beauty guru’s list the ingredients like that. Like, will it help moisturize my skin, or nah?


Basically, if the shirt you’re wearing at the end of this night time ritual does not look like this, go back and try it again. Am I the only one here?

That’s all that I’ve got for you guys today. My macaroni and cheese is almost gone and I’m going to need a refill on my beer.

Have a great night all!


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