Autumn Ready with Adore Me


When the air turns crisp and the sun sets earlier, there is nothing I love more than hurrying on home, after a long day at the office, to get warm and cozy.

When I was approached by Adore Me and asked to pick my favorite style (along with autumn makeup trend) I knew exactly what my picks would be! 

My initial response to being asked what my favorite autumn beauty trend is is the very obvious berry-shaded everything. Berry lipstick, berry nail varnish, berry eye shadow’s – there is just nothing wrong with the shade at all. After a while it just felt like a knee-jerk response. Hell – even the representative with Adore Me said her autumn go-to trend is berry! I dug deeper and I think my absolutely favorite autumn beauty trend is mauve-y/dusty rose cheeks. Just recently, I’ve begun reaching for my NYX blush in Dusty Rose and Colour Pop Super Shock Cheek in Cheerio. Dusty Rose is a beautiful warm rosy shade with a matte finish while Cheerio is a satin finish with a prominent berry look (see – I couldn’t get away from the berries even when I try!) For the autumn season – you just can’t beat a bright rosy cheek!

Now to the fun part of this post! When I originally clicked on Adore Me’s plus Size tab at the top of the webpage, I didn’t have high hopes for much of a selection. Boy, was I wrong. They actually have a ton of plus size options. I never actually made it down the entire page before finding my choice of style for fall!

brently_plus_0735_web_brently-plus-printed-fleece-robes-for-womenYou would think I would peruse the Adore Me website and find a lingerie set or bra and panty set. Nope. Not me. Like I said – I’m all about the warm and cozy life when the weather changes over. The Brently Plus cozy fleece robe is my pick for a fall must have. I love the color (berry *gasp*) and how can you go wrong with something that’s fleece lined?

This robe has a lovely snowflake design (I know snowflakes aren’t exactly autumn, but those white flakes are just around the corner. Also, I may or may not be listening to Christmas music right now.)

I have yet to try out the Adore Me subscription, but I have heard nothing but wonderful things. The options are cute, affordable, and practical for every day wear.

Have any of you ever tried out Adore Me? How did you like it? Let us all know in the comments! And while we’re at it – what is your go-to autumn style?




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