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House Hunting Adventures – Episode: Offer Rejected

My feelings are still pretty raw, so I guess this is the perfect time to write.

We put an offer on a house yesterday afternoon and this morning I got a text message from the realtor saying they went with a different buyer.


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Minimalism and what it means to me.

Minimalism is something I learned about last year. I stumbled upon it right around the time I quit drinking. Once my body and soul felt cleansed, this urge came over me to get my physical surroundings in order. It started innocently at first, just with my book collection. I got rid of about 50 books out of the 200 plus that I had in my possession. I felt great! A few months later, that urge came upon me again and I went through them again. This time I was a bit more aggressive with about 75 books heading to the library. After the second run-through, I figured there had to be people out there who wanted to declutter their lives. That’s when I found the “Konmari” method – term coined from Marie Kondo who wrote The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy. I can’t say it was life-changing because I was already headed down that route, but it was an interesting read nonetheless. I was a frequent reader of /r/minimalism and couldn’t get enough of decluttering videos on YouTube. Once I felt well versed on the topic, I went ahead through each individual category that Marie Kondo suggested, and began the task of decluttering my life.

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I’ve decided to stop coloring my hair.

I’ve been coloring my hair for more than half of my life. I think I was 15 or 16 the first time I dyed it at home. I’ve colored it black, dark brown, burgandy, auburn, and deep purple. I had my hair professionally dyed at the salon once and only once. I was there for three hours. Three.

The last time I dyed it was last summer. It’s now reached that stage where I’ve got a solid 2″ of natural hair and the rest is a faded orange-y/brown. This is the stage where I’d normally run to the drug store, pick out a new box of dye, and get to work in the bathroom. But – I’ve decided to work on embracing my natural hair color. It’s been so long since I had a full head of it. It’s sad that it’s been so long since I truly saw me staring back at me in a mirror.

The truth is – I hate dyeing my hair. The chemicals smell awful, my scalp itches while it’s on, and it stains everything it touches! I can’t tell you how many t-shirts, towels, and wash cloths have been permanently stained. How can we forget? It costs about $10 every time I want to dye it. It’s not the most money I’ve spent on a beauty product, but it’s money spent nonetheless.

I’ve been working on envisioning my future self – my goals, my passions, my career, my relationships (especially the one with myself) and I just can’t see an older me with deep burgandy hair anymore. I want to live as naturally and freely as I can. I don’t want my mind wrapped around any preconceived notions of what beauty is. I haven’t started graying yet, but I don’t want to be afraid of it. There is far too much going on in this world to be fearful of, and my own natural beauty (or aging) shouldn’t be one of them.

Do any of you dye your hair? Are you thinking about giving it up? Let me know in the comments or shoot me a message!

Thank you for reading!

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Weekly Inspirations #1

March 11th 2018 – March 17th 2018 (Happy St. Patrick’s Day!) 

Welcome to my first weekly inspiration post! I struggled on deciding the layout of this page. Do I do bullet points? Do I just write paragraphs of what happened throughout the week? Or can I make it something inspiring no matter the content..? Words are powerful and if you really understand the meaning of a word, it can change your outlook. I’ve decided to attach one positive word to each week that I blog about.

Opportunity is the positive word I chose for this week.

On Sunday, we were approved for a home mortgage loan.

The circumstances that led us to even apply for one is not ideal. Our landlord said she couldn’t afford to pay the mortgage on the condo we rent any longer, so we were out at the end of our lease.. 3 months away. We’ve rented three times since we decided to live together and all three times we were asked to leave for reasons we couldn’t control.

Though this isn’t the best situation – at least we have the opportunity to buy a home. It may not be perfect and it may need work, but it’ll be ours.  We are fortunate.

The week has been a jumble of consistently checking the portal for new updates. Much to our dismay, there are not many homes we qualify for. Some homes we had favorited already fell under deposit. In a very short amount of time, I’ve learned the hunt can be disheartening. Nevertheless, I’m remaining positive.

If you look hard enough, opportunity will present itself. It’s important to shift your focus from what’s going wrong to what can go right.

I dare you to view the last week and pin point your moments of opportunity. Maybe you can still grab them, and if not.. more will be on the way. Just keep a look out.

Thanks for reading!





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How to keep your headspace in the right place.


Happy Friday, everyone! In my last post, I mentioned my next post would include the days you should expect to see new content. Here it is!

You will see new content on Tuesdays and Friday’s, along with a Sunday weekly blog. Tuesday’s and Friday’s will be based on whatever topic I choose to talk about. Health, wellness, fitness, beauty, musings, etc.. Please feel free to offer up topics of conversation and don’t be shy.. join in on the conversation. Let’s help each other cultivate a space for positivity, love, and growth. Sunday’s will be my week at a glance. Any struggles, victories, or thoughts that made themselves relevant that week will be discussed. I welcome you to let us know how your week went as well!

Now on to Fridays topic of conversation. I hope you enjoy!

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A vow of consistency and a review of the last year.

It’s been over year since I sat down to write. I’ve undergone a great deal of change – some bad, but mostly good.

I’m closing in on a full 12 months sober. This is a blog post in itself, so I won’t delve too far in that story just yet. It’s been eyeopening, to say the least, and I’m a better person without something so toxic.

In sobriety, I discovered minimalism. Also another blog post, so I’ll keep it short and sweet. Minimalism is different for everyone. I peruse the minimalism subreddit every now and again, but without warning it can become a pissing contest of great proportions. For me, minimalism is about removing the next best thing from my mental library, and instead focusing on the physical piece you have in front of you.

I’ve rediscovered what it is to live a healthy lifestyle for me. Every person is different and their definition of health for themselves might not be the same as my own. I’m 30 pounds down from last July. I’m stronger, faster, and tougher than I was before. More on this to come in future posts.

Just in the past two weeks, we learned our landlord cannot afford to keep the condo we rent any longer. As of two days ago, we were approved for a loan. Once our real estate agent reaches out to us, we’ll begin house hunting.

I want to continue to blog. I love to write. It was one of my favorite childhood hobbies, and it was something I always thought would be a part of my life. With the responsibility of bills, holding a desk job to help someone else achieve their dreams (and build their mansions), and overall exhaustion from adulting, it’s easy to lose this constant in my life. Consistency in life is everything. If you’re not consistent, you never really get anywhere. I vow to be consistent. To create solid, beneficial, and wholesome content for my readers.

I’m not sure where this blog will take me. I have ideas. Every Sunday I want to reflect on the week behind me. What I learned.. what scared me.. what I might have done differently. I want select days to talk about a range of topics. Some are listed in my yearly review above, some I haven’t written about yet, and other topics will make themselves known as I continue to grow. I’d love to create content for a YouTube channel eventually. There are so many out there. What can I offer this world that hasn’t already been built? The noise in social media and individual broadcasting is deafening, so what can I do to be heard?

For now, consistency is my answer. On my next post, I’ll lead off with the days of the week you can expect new content from yours truly.

Thanks for reading.

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