House Hunting Adventures – Episode: Offer Rejected

My feelings are still pretty raw, so I guess this is the perfect time to write.

We put an offer on a house yesterday afternoon and this morning I got a text message from the realtor saying they went with a different buyer.


I won’t go into all the reasons why this house was *the* house – just know it was one of the most well cared for homes we have seen in a marketplace that seems to not give a shit about their living conditions.

My butt really hurt on this one, guys. I cried. A lot. I actually cried before I even got the text message because I was hoping, with all my being, that we would get this house and that the hunt would be over. I cried for BBQ’s never had, a guest bedroom that wouldn’t get used, a meal never shared among friends on the patio, a car not washed on the first beautiful spring day – I know I’m being dramatic, but this is what felt like was happening.

My first mistake? I got emotionally attached too quick by envisioning my loved ones enjoying the new digs right alongside us. I saw Drew and I coming home with groceries and using the backdoor because it would be easier than the front. I saw my in-laws enjoying a glass of wine on the cute patio set we would finally buy. I saw friends around the fire pit. I could hear someone shouting to me, from outside, to grab extra napkins before I came back out. In a very short amount of time, I had already moved in. Within 24 hours, I was being asked to vacate that property in my mind.

My second mistake? Drew and I started planning where furniture would go. We would, of course, take the leaf out of our dining room table to fit it in the kitchen. We could either put our bookshelves on this wall or possibly downstairs. The litter box would go downstairs. We would need to use the dresser we have in storage since there wasn’t much closet space. Anyway – you get the picture here.

I’m not sure how to correct these mistakes so the next time we find a place we love, it won’t be as devastating. The market in Connecticut for a $150K house is not good. You get one diamond in the rough every couple of weeks that, in three days time, is scooped up by eager buyers. The rest of the time there are holes in walls, stained carpets, half finished renovations from wanna-be flippers, old 1970’s wood wall paneling, off-street parking situations, no driveways, septic systems, etc.. I’m not looking for a house that has granite counter tops, central air, and a finished basement (all three in the house we had an offer in on) – I’m just looking for pride of ownership at a reasonable price.

The clock is ticking on the time we have left in our condo. We’re hoping that, with the nicer weather, comes the motivated sellers. Sellers that wanted to wait until spring/summer to start moving their property – possibly because they have children in school that they wouldn’t want to uproot in the middle of the school season.

For now – I’ll take a deep breath, drink a warm beverage, look around at all that I have, and know that in three months, this will all be figured out in one way or another. We might buy a house, we might buy a condo, or we might (for the fourth fucking time) rent an apartment. Regardless of where we are, I know we’ll always have a roof over our heads, and that means more than all the granite counter tops in the world.







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2 responses to “House Hunting Adventures – Episode: Offer Rejected

  1. Diane Greggo

    You made me cry. If I were the seller and read this I would pick you.

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