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Minimalism and what it means to me.

Minimalism is something I learned about last year. I stumbled upon it right around the time I quit drinking. Once my body and soul felt cleansed, this urge came over me to get my physical surroundings in order. It started innocently at first, just with my book collection. I got rid of about 50 books out of the 200 plus that I had in my possession. I felt great! A few months later, that urge came upon me again and I went through them again. This time I was a bit more aggressive with about 75 books heading to the library. After the second run-through, I figured there had to be people out there who wanted to declutter their lives. That’s when I found the “Konmari” method – term coined from Marie Kondo who wrote The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy. I can’t say it was life-changing because I was already headed down that route, but it was an interesting read nonetheless. I was a frequent reader of /r/minimalism and couldn’t get enough of decluttering videos on YouTube. Once I felt well versed on the topic, I went ahead through each individual category that Marie Kondo suggested, and began the task of decluttering my life.

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A vow of consistency and a review of the last year.

It’s been over year since I sat down to write. I’ve undergone a great deal of change – some bad, but mostly good.

I’m closing in on a full 12 months sober. This is a blog post in itself, so I won’t delve too far in that story just yet. It’s been eyeopening, to say the least, and I’m a better person without something so toxic.

In sobriety, I discovered minimalism. Also another blog post, so I’ll keep it short and sweet. Minimalism is different for everyone. I peruse the minimalism subreddit every now and again, but without warning it can become a pissing contest of great proportions. For me, minimalism is about removing the next best thing from my mental library, and instead focusing on the physical piece you have in front of you.

I’ve rediscovered what it is to live a healthy lifestyle for me. Every person is different and their definition of health for themselves might not be the same as my own. I’m 30 pounds down from last July. I’m stronger, faster, and tougher than I was before. More on this to come in future posts.

Just in the past two weeks, we learned our landlord cannot afford to keep the condo we rent any longer. As of two days ago, we were approved for a loan. Once our real estate agent reaches out to us, we’ll begin house hunting.

I want to continue to blog. I love to write. It was one of my favorite childhood hobbies, and it was something I always thought would be a part of my life. With the responsibility of bills, holding a desk job to help someone else achieve their dreams (and build their mansions), and overall exhaustion from adulting, it’s easy to lose this constant in my life. Consistency in life is everything. If you’re not consistent, you never really get anywhere. I vow to be consistent. To create solid, beneficial, and wholesome content for my readers.

I’m not sure where this blog will take me. I have ideas. Every Sunday I want to reflect on the week behind me. What I learned.. what scared me.. what I might have done differently. I want select days to talk about a range of topics. Some are listed in my yearly review above, some I haven’t written about yet, and other topics will make themselves known as I continue to grow. I’d love to create content for a YouTube channel eventually. There are so many out there. What can I offer this world that hasn’t already been built? The noise in social media and individual broadcasting is deafening, so what can I do to be heard?

For now, consistency is my answer. On my next post, I’ll lead off with the days of the week you can expect new content from yours truly.

Thanks for reading.

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