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Weekly Inspirations #1

March 11th 2018 – March 17th 2018 (Happy St. Patrick’s Day!) 

Welcome to my first weekly inspiration post! I struggled on deciding the layout of this page. Do I do bullet points? Do I just write paragraphs of what happened throughout the week? Or can I make it something inspiring no matter the content..? Words are powerful and if you really understand the meaning of a word, it can change your outlook. I’ve decided to attach one positive word to each week that I blog about.

Opportunity is the positive word I chose for this week.

On Sunday, we were approved for a home mortgage loan.

The circumstances that led us to even apply for one is not ideal. Our landlord said she couldn’t afford to pay the mortgage on the condo we rent any longer, so we were out at the end of our lease.. 3 months away. We’ve rented three times since we decided to live together and all three times we were asked to leave for reasons we couldn’t control.

Though this isn’t the best situation – at least we have the opportunity to buy a home. It may not be perfect and it may need work, but it’ll be ours.  We are fortunate.

The week has been a jumble of consistently checking the portal for new updates. Much to our dismay, there are not many homes we qualify for. Some homes we had favorited already fell under deposit. In a very short amount of time, I’ve learned the hunt can be disheartening. Nevertheless, I’m remaining positive.

If you look hard enough, opportunity will present itself. It’s important to shift your focus from what’s going wrong to what can go right.

I dare you to view the last week and pin point your moments of opportunity. Maybe you can still grab them, and if not.. more will be on the way. Just keep a look out.

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How to keep your headspace in the right place.


Happy Friday, everyone! In my last post, I mentioned my next post would include the days you should expect to see new content. Here it is!

You will see new content on Tuesdays and Friday’s, along with a Sunday weekly blog. Tuesday’s and Friday’s will be based on whatever topic I choose to talk about. Health, wellness, fitness, beauty, musings, etc.. Please feel free to offer up topics of conversation and don’t be shy.. join in on the conversation. Let’s help each other cultivate a space for positivity, love, and growth. Sunday’s will be my week at a glance. Any struggles, victories, or thoughts that made themselves relevant that week will be discussed. I welcome you to let us know how your week went as well!

Now on to Fridays topic of conversation. I hope you enjoy!

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