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When customer service fails the customer.

penguinCustomer service is the one and only important factor in a successful company that thrives on consumers. We are the ones that keep those companies afloat. We place the orders, spend the money and when the customer service is good we continue to place orders and spend money. With that being said, I will never ever purchase from Ulta again.  Continue reading


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My new favorite thing: NYX Matte Lipstick

lipstickI have never been a lipstick wearer. I never thought I was woman enough or maybe even sexual enough to pull off a shocking red like the beauty above. I thought it looked odd on my face. I thought I looked stupid. I thought I was ugly and ugly girls shouldn’t pretend to be pretty. (Side note! If any of you are on IG follow me @justnikki326! I’m constantly posting photos of my makeup looks and outfits I throw together. Oh, and sunsets. I love sunsets. And beer. Onward to the post!) 

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