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Red Carpet Manicure Haul! (Photos, links and reviews inside!)

2014-12-11 08.59.22

Morning, everyone! It was a snowy morning here in Connecticut, so I decided to take a few pictures of the new polishes from Red Carpet Manicure that I got delivered the other day.

Read on for more photos, prices, reviews and links for where you can purchase your own!

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Plus size and make up haul from Ulta, Fashion To Figure and Forever 21 Plus!

It’s been a minute since I’ve written. Not for lack of anything to write about, though!

Last weekend I went to Long Island to visit the parental units and to celebrate my little cousins 4th birthday. Shenanigans ensued, drinks were had, laughs were shared and food was eaten. It was a great time, as always!

What’s up with me? Well, I’ve been fairly down in the dumps since yesterday, but I’m surprisingly being positive about my situation.

I’ve been on unemployment for the past six months. Turns out that federal funding for benefit extensions have not been approved. Therefore, I am cut off from payments after my next check. I’ve applied to a variety of jobs for the past six months and have gotten zero calls and zero interviews.

After a moment of self indulgent panic and depression, I picked myself up, had a cup of tea, and got to job hunting.

I’ve gotten one e-mail from a life insurance company and one call from a headhunter recruiter.

Fingers crossed for me, readers.

So, anyone watch Orange is the New Black season 2 yet? I’ve finished the season and would love to hear your thoughts and views on it.

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When customer service fails the customer.

penguinCustomer service is the one and only important factor in a successful company that thrives on consumers. We are the ones that keep those companies afloat. We place the orders, spend the money and when the customer service is good we continue to place orders and spend money. With that being said, I will never ever purchase from Ulta again.  Continue reading


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I’ve become just a tiny bit makeup obsessed.

Liquid gold.

Liquid gold.

Good morning, everyone! I trust you all slept will! I, myself, am still rubbing the sleep away while greedily slurping down my first cup o’ java. Okay, last sip of that cup was just had. On to cup number two!  Continue reading

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