How to keep your headspace in the right place.


Happy Friday, everyone! In my last post, I mentioned my next post would include the days you should expect to see new content. Here it is!

You will see new content on Tuesdays and Friday’s, along with a Sunday weekly blog. Tuesday’s and Friday’s will be based on whatever topic I choose to talk about. Health, wellness, fitness, beauty, musings, etc.. Please feel free to offer up topics of conversation and don’t be shy.. join in on the conversation. Let’s help each other cultivate a space for positivity, love, and growth. Sunday’s will be my week at a glance. Any struggles, victories, or thoughts that made themselves relevant that week will be discussed. I welcome you to let us know how your week went as well!

Now on to Fridays topic of conversation. I hope you enjoy!

Getting myself in a positive state of mind is essential to dealing with life’s curve balls. Below are some of the practices I have introduced in my life. If it works for me, I’m hoping it might work for another fellow friend that is going through some tough times.

How to keep your headspace in the right place. 

1. One on one chats. 

Verbalizing what is happening in my life has helped me work through some intense emotions in the past few months. I get in my car, turn off the radio and just talk. I congratulate myself on a workout from the previous night. I get myself pumped up for the day ahead by going through the list of tasks I’d like to accomplish. Sometimes I just cry and curse. After my ten minute commute to the office, I almost always feel better about what has been irking me.

2. Wake up early. 

I can’t even believe I’m writing this right now. I’m notorious for sleeping in, but in the last few months I’ve woken up between 5am and 6:30am more often than not. There really is something special about waking up before the sun rises. It’s probably one of the most positive times of the day since life hasn’t had the chance to screw with you just yet. Drink your coffee or tea. Make a smoothie. Focus on going through your morning motions intentionally instead of mechanically, like we do when we wake up late. When I wake up early, I get to the office earlier. It’s much easier to handle a curve ball while being settled in and ready for work versus walking into a shit storm.

3. Focus on the next mile.  

I know, I know. You’ve heard this one a billion times before, and I’m sorry to do this again to you, but it is what it is. Exercise just works. It takes that one major thing that’s killing your positive buzz and pushes it to the back of your mind. Focusing my worried mind on the next mile is what got me through a lot of dark days.

4. Be thankful for this moment right now. 

I still have my woe-is-me moments, but they’re few and far between. I am always grateful for something in my life. Whether it be the opportunity to pay a bill on time with the money I earned at my job or a quiet night at home with my boyfriend. My life is perfect the way it is – right now, in this moment.

The first four items of this list are things I do on a daily basis to keep my mind right. I wanted a number five just to round out the list, but I was struggling. I didn’t want to just throw something meaningless out there. So, number five belongs to you, as the reader.

What are some of the things you do to keep your headspace in the right place?

Thanks for reading!




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3 responses to “How to keep your headspace in the right place.

  1. Fantastic post! Couldn’t agree more, especially with the waking up early, this has massively helped me in the past few weeks!

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